Ms. Nguissali M.E. Turpin is the Executive Director of ENDA Santé and of the Civil Society Institute for Health in West and Central Africa.

Over the past fifteen years, Ms. Nguissali Turpin has been strongly committed to ensuring access for the most vulnerable communities in Africa to quality health information and services, as well as to the empowerment of women. During her professional trajectory, she has actively engaged in enhancing the capabilities of individuals and organizations, advocating for the role and contribution of civil society organizations in the field of health, and providing technical assistance to diverse entities. However, it has always maintained an active presence at the local level, giving substance to one of the key principles of its organization, namely proximity to communities. Within her organization, Ms. Turpin has gained extensive experience in various health sectors, encompassing HIV, nutrition, human rights, and other related areas. Her work has involved collaborating with a wide range of groups, including community-based women’s organizations, people living with HIV, as well as parliamentarians and Ministers of Health.

Before assuming the role of Executive Director of ENDA Santé and Civil Society for Health in West and Central Africa, which she currently occupies, Ms. Turpin was successively Program Officer and then Deputy Director within of this same organization. During this period, she contributed to the development and management of programs on health and human rights, financed in particular by the Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, USAID or the Initiative.

Before joining ENDA Santé in 2011, Ms Turpin worked at the UNAIDS Regional Office for West and Central Africa, in the work planning and communication section.