Dr Adam SELAMNIA holds a Doctorate in Physiology of Human Nutrition (University of Paris), completed by Post-Doctoral fellowship in the USA (Hershey College of Medicine, Penn State University), and an MBA in Marketing and business engineering (Léonard de Vinci Paris-La Défense School of Management).

Through an almost 25 year-career in the field of health and ehealth, he has acquired a deep understanding of patient-centered approaches by designing IT solutions allowing individuals to enter and exchange their data in an ethical and secure framework. Having participated in the adventure of the first Algerian health site in 1998 then in the emergence of e-health in France with the start-up E-health Services which he co-founded, he is today the co-founder and Business Development Director of TechBio NIUM, a spinoff from the University of Luxembourg which has developed an innovative platform combining a gut-on-chip and a bioinformatics solution for the analysis of the gut microbiota and a nutritional recommendation engine with applications in obesity and oncology.

In addition, he has always maintained an extra-professional activity related to health and innovation. He is a co-founder of the AMIIS, Moroccan Association of Engineering and Innovation in Health based in Fez in Morocco. He also co-organized twice the Innovation Village of the Officine Expo in Marrakech where he is invited for more than ten years to communicate regularly on the challenges of the pharmacy of the future. Finally, and more recently, he supported the creation of the Swiss Movement Health Foundation on the African continent by supervising the launch of projects in Algeria, Ghana, and South Africa