Imodoye Ayokunbi Abioro is a medical doctor, entrepreneur and community advocate fromIbadan, Nigeria. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Medicine & Surgery from the University ofIbadan, graduating 2018 as the winner of the Blaire Aitken Prize in Surgery. He has acertification in Molecular Biology from the Laboratory of Translational Genomics, NationalInstitutes of Health. A self-taught computer programmer, he has 6 years of experience tacklingrural health problems in Africa using appropriate technology. Pursuing this passion, he is theco-founder and CEO of Healthbotics Limited, a health technology startup and the creators of 2social ventures (Lend an Arm & Mediverse AI) addressing rural hospital supply chaindeficiencies, health literacy, medical records. Healthbotics ventures have served over 15,000African users and have directly saved over 1000 lives in the last two years alone. For his workat Healthbotics, Imodoye was the youngest laureate recognized as a Top 30 health innovator inAfrican Healthcare by the WHO in 2019 at the WHO Africa Health Forum in Cape Verde; he waswinner of the 2020 African App Lauchpad Cup, winner of the International TelecommunicationsUnion AI for Development Award 2020 also. Imodoye is a UNAIDS Health Innovation Exchangefeatured innovator, and in 2021, he was the youngest recipient to be honored with the first-everAfrica Young Innovators for Health Award by the IFPMA and the African Union Commission.Imodoye is a US Chamber of Commerce laureate whose work has been widely featured onInternational Media including CNN’s Inside Africa and The Accelerating Health Podcast, a BBCStoryworks production. He is passionate about equitable growth and development in last milecommunities in Africa.