Dr. Amir Hagos is passionate about quality, accessible, affordable and equitable health care as a fundamental human right and a non negotiable moral imperatives. He served at different positions both on the government and private philanthropies, his recent assignment in the government was a Minister of Health of federal democratic republic of Ethiopia.

Under his tenure at the Ministry of Health in various capacities, he has been leading the health sector to implement the transformation plan by pioneering new initiatives and setting ambitious goals and devising innovative approaches and executing major multisectoral collaboration to expand health care access to tens of millions of Ethiopians. These efforts have improved the population’s health status and health systems performance of the country.

He is currently leading and facilitating the country lead alignment work and health ministerial network as a senior advisor of GFF seconded by STBF.

He holds an MD from Addis Ababa university and MPH in University of Western cape.”